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Diet plan for children


Try these foods for your child and he would love to eat it. And you would love him more as he takes these nutritious delicacies.

·Tofu: It is a great source of Protein, Vitamin B, Calcium and Iron. It has all the nutrients that your kid needs for proper growth and bone health.

·Yogurt: It has lot and lot of probiotics (friendly bacteria’s) . This is a key to keep the little stomach healthy and happy.

·Mango : One cup of this sweet fruit can provide your kid a day’s supply of needed essential Vitamin C. This will help keep the kid’s immune system strong and healthy.

·Flax Seeds:Flax seeds are a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids. These are very much needed for the optimal brain development of the child. Ground flax seeds are easily absorbed by the body. You can add ¼ cup of ground flax seeds in the flour before making Chapati/Parantha for him/her.

·Nuts: Soaked almonds or Walnuts are a great source of healthy fats and minerals . They add a lot of energy to the him/her thus keeping him active always.

·Peanut Butter: When combined with whole wheat bread , it can be the perfect sandwich for your child’s lunch box.

·Cheese: Cottage Cheese is an ideal source of Proteins and lots of fibers. Pizza/Mozerella cheese which have preservatives should not be encouraged.

·Beans : Beans are a very good source of Proteins and lots of fibers.

·Popcorn: Popcorn are whole grain food and it keeps your little one’s digestive system healthy and perfect. But avoid popcorn with extra salt , butter etc.

Diet Plan for 2-5 year Old Kids

Always follow a balanced diet chart for children. A balanced diet plan is very important especially for kids as they their body has different demand for its growth and development. Balanced diet ensures proper metabolism thereby keeping your weight in check and promoting healthy growth. For small children between 2 to 5 year old you can follow the following diet chart regime , modifying it according to your child’s need and availability :


Early morning :Milk 125 ml

Breakfast : 1 medium sliced bread ( or)

½ cup cooked cereal (or)

½ cup Pasta

Mid Morning : ½ cup fruit

¼ th cup Dried fruits (or)

6 Oz fruit Juice

Lunch : ½ cup cooked rice (or) 1 Chappati+1 cup leafy vegetables (medium size) (or) ½ cup cooked Potatoes, carrot , Broccoli, Sweet Potato etc.

After Lunch : ½ cup Yogurt with fruits in it.

Evening : 125 ml milk + Whole wheat grain biscuits (1 or 2).

Dinner : Same as for the lunch.


Note: For school going children increase the size of servings such as ½ cup to be increased to 1 cup, Medium size bread to be increased to large sized.

Tips for How you can include fruits in your kid’s diet

-Use Cookie cutter to slice fruits into attractive shapes of different forms and serve. Children might have got bored with normal plain slices.

-Use fruits as toppings in their favourite dishes like Kheer and Ice cream

-Mix Fruit Custard and mix fruit ice cream when served chilled are very good option.

-You can make Banana Smoothie or Mango Smoothie. Kids would love to eat it.

-Fruits can also be served as toppings on curd.

-You can use homemade fruit jams on the brown/wheat bread.



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