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Diet in neuritis


Neuritis refers to an inflammation in nerves.

Causes :-Presence of toxins in the body ,this could be due to wrong diet ,nutritional deficiencies,
metabolic disturbances etc.

Symptoms : -

Tingling and burning sensation , sometimes numbness, loss of sensation also found.

Diet :-

Soyabean milk- It tones up the nervous system due to its rich concentration of lecithin and vitamin B etc. a cup of soyabean milk mixed with 1 tsp of honey must be taken everynight .you can also take soya curd or tofu.

Carrot and spinach  – They are rich in elements which are necessary for the tonning of nerves.

Foods  which have lot of  vitamin B – these foods  must be taken in large quantity .

Diet should consist of plenty of  red and orange fruits , like carrots, oranges, beetroot, apples, pineapples.

Sprouts – They have a lot of vitamin B 12 which works well in neuritis.

Yogurt – It have vitamin B 1 AND B12 both of which are used in the treatment of neuritis .

Apple juice – It helps to rejuvenate the inflated nerve.

Steamed vegetables are full of nutrients ,so they should be taken in large quantity.

Have always buttermilk in lunch.

Important point – Diseases related to inflammation are greatly aggravated by blood sugar ,so avoid all high glycemic foods such as potatoes , table sugar….

Note – Antioxidants should be spread out during the day rather than all consumed at once . A goal should be to maintain a uniform level of antioxidants through the day.as antioxidants are used up ,they need to be replaced.

Avoided foods :- Coffee, tea, sugar, refined foods ,meat, fish etc.

How to prepare soyabean milk:-

First of all soak the soyabeans in water for about 12 hours . secondly remove the skin of the beans after a thorough wash and grind them to make a fine paste .mix thrice the amount of water in the paste . next boil the milk at a low flame and stir occasionally. When it becomes cool ,strain it through a cheese cloth and add sugar.


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