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Diet in Insomnia


Insomnia (lack of sleep)

It is the most common  and modern problem found in India, America.

Follow these tips . It may help  a lot to solve your problems:-

Experts say that Having carbohydrate rich snacks at night makes you drowsy, but I will advise you to take only carbohydrate rich fruits . This is because they provide less calories as compared to other carbohydrate rich foods .Take a fruit like apple , banana etc as a bed time snack. It helps in secretion of serotonin  and melatonins (Melatonin is a hormone that regulates the sleep cycle).  It can make you feel drowsy .

Green tea  also contains theamine which help  promote sleep .

Almonds are rich in magnesium . Magnesium acts as a muscle relaxant helping you move towards a good sleep.

Milk has calcium which helps in the production of Melatonin  that  will make you drowsy .

Honey : add 1 tea spoon of honey to warm milk and have it before going to sleep.

Soyabeans and peas are rich in magnesium  and as told above magnesium acts as  a muscle relaxant.

Thus foods rich in calcium and magnesium help in  getting a good sleep.

Foods to be avoided for a good sleep :-

Tea, coffee , chocolates ,soft drinks because all these things contain caffeine which activates the central nervous system.

Avoid large meals because you may develop gas or heart burn which will increase your discomfort . So have a light dinner before 3 hours of sleeping.

Avoid any liquid before 2 hours of sleeping.

The diet of insomnia must rule out refined sugar .  If you must have something sweet  ,eat a piece of fruit.

Avoid  excessive sodium – excessive sodium is found in fast foods, pickles, papad etc . It increases the blood pressure making you restless. Lower blood pressure is required for restful  and sound sleep.

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