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Diet in diabetes


In diabetic condition it is hard for your body to convert the food you eat into energy. Glucose which is the major source of energy needs insulin to enter into your body cells, where it is used up as energy. Diabetic people have problem making insulin or using it properly . That’s why increased sugar level is found in diabetic patients.

There are only two well-known types of diabetes, one is non insulin dependent (NIDDM) or Type-II Diabetes, and the other is insulin-dependent (IDDM) or Type-I Diabetes.


Tips/Advice for Diabetic Patients :

·          Do not go for fasting

·          Take more of fibrous foods such as Oatmeal , Fruits and Vegetables.

·          Do fast walk daily for 30 to 40 minutes.

·          Avoid oily and fatty foods.

·          Avoid Refined foods( Made of fine wheat or Maida).

·          Eat slowly.

Diabetes can be controlled at Home by using following kitchen herbs easily available at home :

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Onion Extract/Juice: You should consume raw onion as Salad with every meal or you can blend/mesh an onion and sieve it to get clear juice . It helps a lot in treating Type-1 Diabetes.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Researchers have shown that the glucose levels of a diabetic patient reduces significantly if they take 2 tbsp of diluted Apple Cider Vinegar twice daily . ACV has the miraculous property of maintaining the glucose level after meals in a diabetic patient.


Bittergourd / Karela:

Karela stimulates liver , pancreas and spleen and regulates the blood sugar level. Bitter gourd also improves absorption of food and better metabolism. Drinking fresh karela juice although very bitter every morning on an empty stomach will help you control diabetes.


Green Tea

The green tea has lot of antioxidants. These help in lowering the glucose levels, control cholesterol levels in the body and also the immune system is strengthened. Green tea is rich in vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B, fluorine and iodine elements. These help in fighting diabetes.


Fenugreek /Methi :

The fenugreek seeds help fight the root cause of diabetes. You can have a table spoon of methi /fenugreek powder every morning or you can soak these seeds in water, keep it overnight , grind in morning and drink the juice .

 A diabetic patient should follow a healthy diet chart to avoid other complications :

Diet Chart for Diabetic Persons

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Early Morning : ½ tsp fenugreek powder with water, or soaked almonds(6 to 7 pieces)

At 7.00 AM : one cup tea without sugar + 1-2 Marie Biscuits

At 9.00 AM : One bowl Oatmeal prepared with 100 ml milk (No Sugar) (OR) one bowl sugar free porridge prepared with 100 ml milk.

or Stuffed  Missi Roti ( onion or raddish )+ 1 small bowl curd

At 11.00AM : 1 small bowl of Mix Fruit ( Bananas and Mangoes should be avoided) or 1 glass of Lassi.

At Lunch (1-2 PM) : Missi Roti -1, One medium size bowl of brown rice, 1 medium size bowl of yogurt or 1/2 cup soyabean, half bowl green vegetable + 1 cup of Salad.

At 4.00 PM : 1 cup tea without sugar + Rusk (2 pcs) or Marie Biscuit.

At 6.00 PM: 1 cup roasted Channa or 1/2 cup sprouted grains or Mix Vegetable bowl or Vegetable Idli/Dhokla

At Dinner(8-9 PM) : Same as for lunch. Avoid Yogurt/Curd at night.

At 10.30- 11PM: 1 cup of milk without sugar.


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