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Diet in chickenpox

10 Sep 2014

It usually begins with a fever and after that leads to itchy red blisters covering the entire body .

A chickenpox diet should be nutritious and balanced . In this homemade food are recommended. Healthy food will enhance the immune system which help to fight off the disease quickly.

follow this type of diet to recover speedily :-

First step is to hydrate your body well. so drink plenty of fluids.

Homemade fruit and vegetable juices are good to drink. Like carrot juice, soup of carrot and coriander ,coconut water .

Water rich food should be taken such as cucumber ,tomato, watermelon ,kiwi , banana etc.

Food should be soft like mashed rice and curd , khichri .  Food to provide all the nutrients should be taken to fade away the marks .fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants which prevent skin damage.

Nuts are rich in vitamin E which protect the skin from exposure to sunlight.

Cold foods are soothing  like cold yogurt ,cold ice tea, popsicle, comforting with your sore throat.

Fruit smoothies have a lot of nutrients and also give relief from sore throat.

Food to be avoided :-

Spicy and fatty food

All types of junk and hard food , who suffers from mouth sores soft and bland food are good for you

Acidic food which will irritate your blisters

Dairy products , meat , bread etc are heavy to digest .



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