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Cheese Vs Paneer

03 Mar 2016

Difference Between Cheese And Paneer:

I have seen many people who do not know the difference between cheese and cottage cheese . They think both are same . So the aim  of writing this article is to let you know more about cheese and paneer.

What is Cheese? -  Cheese  is made from the milk of cow, buffalo, goat or sheep by the process of acidification. Bacterias acidify the milk  and they play  a great role in bringing about the flavor of cheese. It is produced in a variety of shapes , textures and flavors. More than 300 varieties of cheese including American ,cheddar, mozzarella  etc are available in various flavors.

What is  Paneer?-  Paneer is also known as cottage cheese. It is a domestic form of cheese. The milk is heated to over 200 degrees  Farhenite  and an acid is added to coagulate milk. To make paneer lemon juice or vinegar are used as acids.

In India we  call it  Paneer while people around the world  call it as cottage cheese. Paneer is known in North India and Pakistan by the same name. However in Orissa and Bengal it  is known by the name  Chhena or Chhana. In Cyprus and other countries it is called Anari also.

Paneer  vs cheese which is healthier?

Both are healthy if consumed in moderate quantities as they are ultimately made of milk.

Choose paneer if you want to lose weight rather than cheese because it has lesser calories as compared to cheese (  If you really  want to lose weight without compromising on the health benefits of milk then try eating curd)

Benefits of  Paneer:

Paneer is an excellent combination of taste and health. It is required by the body in high proportions for healthy growth and development.

It is a good source of protein especially for vegetarians who do not get their intake from meat products. Due to high protein and healthy fat diet it provides better nourishment to the growing  children.

It is rich in calcium. Though it is a milk product it is better than milk. Vitamin D along with calcium present in it , prevents  us from tooth cavities.

It is  rich in omega 3 fatty acids and thus  helps to relieve joint pain and also it prevents the risk of preterm birth defects in pregnant women.

It improves calcium absorption in pregnant ladies.

Due to high level of fiber it helps in digestion ; thus it improves metabolism.

It has some cancer protecting agents called conjugated linoleic acid and sphingolipids which reduces the risk of cancer.

It is good for heart and diabetic patients  also.

It boosts immune system thus prevents the risk of various diseases in children like cough, cold, fever etc . Children can eat this even if  having allergy to milk.

In men  it prevents from prostate cancer.

At the stage of menopause in women it reduces the occurrence of osteoporosis.

It stimulates hair growth and strengthens the  hair roots.

As it is free from radicals so it  gives a radiant and beautiful skin.

Note – generally people throw the water after extracting the paneer from milk but it is highly rich in vitamins and minerals. It acts as a cleansing agent.

You can use the water in soups, curry vegetables or  making dough for chapati.

Health benefits of Cheese:

Cheese is a delicious and nutritious versatile food.

It is rich in calcium, protein,  phosphorus, zinc, vitamin A and B12.

It is a rich source of calcium thus prevents the tooth decay. Calcium content in cheese helps to stimulate contractions during labor.

It reduces PMS (refers to physical and emotional symptoms that occur 1 week before a women’s periods)

For slim people it helps to gain weight because it contains fats.

It cures insomnia (lack of sleep) . The cheese includes tryptophan ,an amino acid which lowers stress and help to induce sleep.

It also contains probiotics – the  good bacterias that can help regulate your gut flora.

Problems associated with cheese –

The problem with cheese is that it is often high in saturated fat which in excess can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. It can also derail your weight loss efforts since full fat cheese is higher in calories as well as saturated fat. Look for cheeses that are reduced  in fat and fat free to take advantage of the nutritional benefits of cheese without any of these disadvantages and watch out for sodium too.

Calories in 1 slice of Amul cheese

Calories – 62

Total fat – 5gm

Sodium – 250 mg

Protein – 4gm

Calcium – 15%

Calories in 1 slice of cheese pizza weighing app. 100 mg –

Calories – 272

Fat – 9.8gm

Sodium – 551 mg

Cholesterol  - 22 mg

Calcium – 182.3 mg

Note –

Moderate amount of cheese is good for health. Cheese is one of those foods where the policy of moderation applies most strictly.

So enjoy the taste and reap the benefits of cheese , applying as much thought and care as you would for every other part of your diet.

   Dr. Suman Setia ,BAMS, DNHE ,PGDHHM

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