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Cheese Sandwich


                       Cheese sandwich

Exams are over and children are free now .Here is a recipe without using gas stove. Children will love to eat and also happy to make own breakfast without the help of parents.

Cheese Sandwich


Brown bread – 4 slices.

Cheese slice – 4 slices.

Chopped capsicum and onion – 4 tbs.

Salt and black pepper - according to taste.

Oregano – 1 tsp.

Tomato sauce – 2 tbs.

Desi ghee - 1 tbs


Take 2 slice of brown bread.

Spread 1 tbs of tomato sauce on one slice.

Put one cheese slice on it.

Now spread 2 tbs chopped onion and capsicum on it.

Sprinkle little bit salt and black pepper on it.

Sprinkle ½ tsp oregano on it .

Cover it with another slice of bread.

Apply desi ghee on both sides of the sandwich.

Put them in toaster 

Repeat same process with rest of two slices

NOTE – To make it more healthy and nutritious , you can add olives in it. It will give you a taste of pizza.

Parents will also be very happy to see their children preparing breakfast not only for themselves but also for the whole family.

Benefits of cheese bread:

Brown bread is rich in fiber. The fiber contained in brown bread keeps your bowel movements regular and stools soft.

Bread made with whole wheat helps you maintain a healthy weight.  

Cheese is rich in calcium.

Onion and capsicum are rich in vitamin C.

Tomato sauce is also rich in vitamin C.

Brown whole grain breads also contain folate, pantothenic acid and vitamins E and K..


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