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Gives home treatment for various ailment conditions.

Tips to reduce excess salt from food

22 Mar 2019

Many beginners have a problem in adding salt. Either they add less salt to the curry or add more of it. Adding too much salt, even. Continue reading

Diet Plan for Hypothyroidism

17 Feb 2019

Some cruciferous vegetables like Cabbage, broccoli, spinach, turnip, radish etc contain a substance thiocyanate which inhibits thyroid. Continue reading

First Aid Box

23 Jan 2019

What are the things that should be handy in a First Aid Box... Continue reading

Why Heart Attacks/ Cardiac Arrests are frequent…

03 Jan 2019

Abrupt changes in blood pressure: In the bathroom, we do not follow sequenced bathing. We tend to take bath by letting go shower or. Continue reading

How to prevent cancer?

26 Dec 2018

Olive oil -Oleocanthal, the primary phenolic compound found in extra-virgin oil, has been shown to eradicate cancer cells in less. Continue reading

Why heart attacks are common in the morning?

06 Dec 2018

1)Our blood pressure is highest in the morning than in the evening, Because it rises quickly to get you ready for the day. Continue reading

How to prevent chickenpox?

05 Dec 2018

Q: Can we get chickenpox twice? A: Yes it is possible to get chickenpox more than once but this is extremely rare. Most people who. Continue reading

Highly Effective Remedies For Panic Attack

is the abrupt onset of intense fear(feeling that something bad is going to happen). A panic attack typically reaches their peak level. Continue reading

Top 5 home remedies for Mild Burn

Burns are an inevitable part of everybody's lives. Finger burns are fairly common among men and women as they can happen in the. Continue reading

Richest Food Sources Of VitaminD

Simple methods to increase your sun exposure: Take a walk: Try to take a walk early morning, during your lunch or after work. Embrace. Continue reading