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Health benefits of parsley

It is an excellent source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a very powerful anti inflammatory agent . So it is used in osteoarthritis and. Continue reading

Health benefits of poha

Poha is the beaten rice flakes. In this process the parboiled rice are beaten up and then dried for 2 days.In this whole process fermentation. Continue reading

Health benefits of Quinoa

​It is the world's healthiest seeds food. it is a dream food for dieters due to low glycemic index and low cholesterol .it has. Continue reading

Health benefits of sesame seeds

It mainly grows in Asia (particularly in India, China, Burma..).Sesame seeds are small having pleasant nutty flavor &high oil content.. Continue reading

Health benefits of sunflower seeds

It is a rich source of vitamin E ,the body 's primary fat soluble antioxidant. vitamin E has anti-inflammatory property that's. Continue reading

Health benefits of Tragacanth gum(Gond katira)

Heat stroke- It acts as a cooling agent in body,thus preventing us from heat stroke. · Laxative – It has the qualities of laxative. Continue reading

How to make herbal tea at home

You can add sugar to it, but if you want to get the real antioxidants then you should drink it without sugar. 2) You can also add. Continue reading

Aloe vera the miracle plant

1)Aloe helps in digestion. It soothes and cleanses the digestive tract & help improve digestion. It has been a great remedy for people. Continue reading

Benefits of Aam Panna

​ If you want to beat the summer heat , go for raw mangoes rather than ripe mangoes. Raw mango is a bit sour in taste because of. Continue reading

Apple cider vinegar-wonder at home

There are several uses of apple cider vinegar. It is used in pickles, for dressing salads and also for the killing of weeds in plants/herbs.. Continue reading