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Gives you diet charts for different ailment conditions . You can follow diet chart for a healthy and beautiful body. You can follow it for reducing weight also.

Diet Plan for Hypothyroidism

17 Feb 2019

Some cruciferous vegetables like Cabbage, broccoli, spinach, turnip, radish etc contain a substance thiocyanate which inhibits thyroid. Continue reading

Diet Plan for the Shivratri Fast

On this day devotees abstain from food made with rice, pulses or wheat. You must start eating healthy foods the day before fasting.. Continue reading

Diet & Tips to fight Winter Flu

It is a contagious respiratory illness caused by flu viruses. The Flu is similar to cold but the symptoms are more severe and it can. Continue reading

Tips to avoid Sleep during Exam Days

​On each day there are two periods when the body has natural tendency towards sleeping. Those two periods are during the late night. Continue reading

10 Tips to Relieve Constipation

Constipation is an incredibly common problem. It is a common problem in the sense that most of us almost think of it as routine. It. Continue reading

Diet Plan for a 10 year old child

Just like with adult, weight loss goals in children should be attainable, allowing for normal growth. The goals should be small weight. Continue reading

Stomach Infection (Gastritis)

25 Sep 2015

it means an irritated and inflamed stomach. A stomach infection is one of the most common infection affecting thousands of people.. Continue reading

Diet Plan in Wheat Allergy

If anyone is diagnosed with Wheat Allergy , he must follow a gluten free diet. Initially following a gluten free diet may be frustrating,. Continue reading

Diet in kidney stones

​Kidney stones (nephrolithiasis) are one of the most common disorders of the urinary tract. There are many reasons for buildup of. Continue reading

Summer Diet Plans

26 May 2015

Its summer - an amazing time of the year when fresh fruits are available in abundance . it's a natural trend to eat light during. Continue reading