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Apple cider vinegar-wonder at home


Apple cider vinegar can be commercially produced by the fermentation of apple juice/cider. Cider liquid is made out of apples. It is unsweetened and a non-alcoholic beverage. During the process of fermentation of this apple cider, the yeast and bacterias break down the sugar to generate alcohol. This fermented liquid is used to make the vinegar. It is called "Saib ka sirca” in Hindi .


There are several uses of apple cider vinegar. It is used in pickles, for dressing salads and also for the killing of weeds in plants/herbs. You can make apple cider vinegar at home also by using "mother of vinegar”. But if you are buying from market, be sure that it is organic and unpasteurised. Organic vinegar is best to use as it is free from preservatives and other chemical additives.

Medicinal uses and healthy benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar can be used for treating a variety of ailments. Earlier it was used as an antibiotic medicine to treat patients. Listed below are some of the medicinal uses of it:

1.Apple cider vinegar is very rich in essential body nutrients and salts like sodium(Na), potassium(K), calcium(Ca), phosphorus(P), chloride(Cl), copper(Cu), magnesium(Mg), pectin and vitamins A, B (B1, B2, and B6), C and E. Bacause of this it helps in nourishing the body by treating various deficiencies of vitamins and minerals.

2.The Apple cider vinegar contains pectin which is a water-soluble fiber. When consumed, this pectin forms a thick fibrous matter which helps in curing the diarrhoea. It soothes the interior walls of colon and reduces intestinal spasms/pain. For controlling diarrhoea, take a mix of apple cider vinegar and water in equal proportion as per need starting with one tea-spoon.

3.A mixture of apple cider vinegar, warm water and honey reduces indigestion and its associated symptoms like bloating, heart burn and gastritis. The pectin present in Apple cider vinegar is fibrous and it helps in relieving constipation.

4.Apple cider vinegar also helps in curing sinusitis. A mixture of apple cider vinegar and water will help in clearing the nose block.

5.Apple cider vinegar gives relief from hiccups. It improves the secretion of stomach acid and restores diaphragm spasms of stomach.

6.Apple cider vinegar helps in removing the body odour. You can apply apple cider vinegar to your arm pits to kill the bacteria and sour smell. It maintains the pH level of your skin and in this way neutralizes your body odour. You should soak your feet in warm and diluted apple cider vinegar to remove the bad smell from your feet.

7.Apple cider vinegar is very helpful in relieving sore throat, cough, cold, and congestion. In a glass of warm water add crushed ginger, honey and a spoon of apple cider vinegar. You should slowly gargle with this solution to get relief from sore throat and cough etc. It is a very effective remedy.

8.Apple cider vinegar is also rich in enzymes and amino acids which help in neutralizing lactic acid in the body. It also contains lots of electrolytes which help in relieving lethargy and exhaustion just like instant energy drink. But apple cider vinegar is natural and has no additives. When you are too exhausted take some fruit juice mixed with one spoon of apple cider vinegar. You will feel rejuvenated.

9.To Treat acid reflux

Here, the treatments include taking one to two teaspoons ofapple cider vinegar daily. As it’s explained, most people mistakenly believe that acid reflux is caused by an overproduction of acid, but it’s actually the opposite for many people, as in too little acid.


10.To Alleviate GI distress

Folks who prescribe to folk remediesrecommendthat if one suffers from diarrhoea caused by a bacterial infection, apple cider vinegar may help due to its antibiotic properties. As well, some experts suggest that pectin in apple cider vinegar can help calm intestinal spasms. If suffering: Mix one or two tablespoons into water or apple juice and drink.


11.To Prevent indigestion

If you’re planning on indulging in a meal that you expect might not get along very well with your stomach, try drinking one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with one teaspoon of honey mixed in a small glass of warm water 30 minutes before you dine.


12.To Halt hiccups

Next time if you have a round of uncontrollable hiccups, you might want to try the apple cider vinegar remedy (if you dare): A teaspoon straight down the mouth and it works finely.

13. Drinking a mixture of diluted apple cider vinegar and honey can help you in reducing leg cramps. The apple cider vinegar dissolves the acids which are responsible for causing pain, thereby giving relief from the cramps.

14. The apple cider vinegar is also rich in acidic agents. This helps in reducing bad breath and curing gingivitis in your mouth .This type of its anti-bacterial properties kill the microbes that produce bad breath from mouth. Doing gargles with diluted apple cider vinegar will help in removing stains and marks from your teeth.

15. It contains such enzymes that activate and help in growth of useful bacteria in the stomach. This also kills unwanted yeasts in our body

16. Apple cider vinegar shows certain anti-glycaemia effects which help in maintaining or reducing the blood glucose level. It is helpful for diabetic patients also. Drinking diluted apple cider vinegar can help in improving digestion as well as in maintaining the sugar levels.

17. Apple cider vinegar has certain antiseptic agents that help in curing fungal and bacterial infections of nails and skin. It is also effective in curing candidiasis, bladder infection and ear infection.

18. It contains acetic acid which helps in weight loss. Drinking diluted apple cider vinegar on a regular basis can help you to control your weight.

19. It helps in reducing triglycerides. Thus it helps in increasing HDL (useful lipoprotein) cholesterol and reducing LDL (harmful lipoprotein) cholesterol. It also fights the enzymes that are responsible for hardening of arteries of heart.

20. It is also helpful in reducing arthritis pain. The potassium content of apple cider vinegar inhibits the formation calcium deposits near the joints. It contains minerals like magnesium, phosphorus and calcium which help in improving bone health.

21. For Iron Use in body The acid found in apple cider vinegar helps release and absorb iron from the food you eat, so it can be used throughout the body. This is extremely important because iron is one of the key component of hemoglobin and myoglobin.

Both hemoglobin and myoglobin carry oxygen to cells in the whole body. This, oxygen is also essential to burn energy (calories) in the body. Because apple cider vinegar helps the body release iron, it also helps your body's ability to burn calories, which is critical for weight loss.

To give you still a better idea of how it works, given below is the formula for this process:

Iron absorption leads to the oxygen utilization, which leads to the energy consumption, and which then leads to weight loss.

22. It reduces the toxins in our body and promotes overall wellness. It improves the alkalinity of our body and reduces the risk of cancer.

23. It eases the swelling and bulging veins and reduces their pain.It also improves the health of veins by improving blood circulation through them.

24. It is very important that the apple cider vinegar should not be taken in its original concentrated form. It should be diluted first with water/ herbal tea and then consumed , otherwise it can be harmful.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Skin Diseases and nourishment

1.A facial mask made from a mixture of apple cider vinegar, honey and fuller’s earth clay can cleanse and detoxify your skin. Wash it off after 15 minutes.

2.You can use diluted apple cider vinegar daily to cleanse your face. This will give you a glowing and moist skin. It will improve your complexion and remove the dark pigmentation from your skin. You can add a little of it to your bathing water also daily to get a beautiful body skin in the long run.

3.The apple cider vinegar can also be used for curing psoriasis and inflammations.

4.Apple cider vinegar can be applied on the sun burns to reduce the pain and it gives relief.

5.If you apply diluted apple cider vinegar on your face through out night while sleeping it makes your skin tight and can prevent the formation of lines and wrinkles. Here the sulphur content of the apple cider vinegar help reduce freckles and aging spots.

6.Apple cider vinegarmaintains the pH level of your skin.When diluted it helps in preventing acne and pimples etc. It repairs skin rashes and all sorts of skin damage.

7.Overnight application of apple cider vinegar helps in curing warts.

Uses Of Apple Cider Vinegar In Treating Hair Problems:

1.Mix a spoon of apple cider vinegar with a glassful of water. Drink this solution regularly to improve hair growth and to strengthen hair.

2.The nutrients in apple cider vinegar help in maintaining the pH value of the skin on your scalp. It also helps in cleansing the dead skin cells. In short, washing your hair regularly with diluted apple cider vinegar can improve the volume and lustre of your hair.

3.It contains alpha-Hydroxy acid that helps in improving the quality of your hair. Washing the hair with apple cider vinegar also helps in closing the cuticles. This makes the hair tangle free and more free flowing.

4.The anti bacterial and antifungal properties of apple cider vinegar help in preventing dandruff, skin infections and itchiness. It improves the blood circulation in the scalp and makes the hair healthier. It inhibits the growth of viruses and yeast and thus prevents the occurrences of scalp infection. It inhibits the growth of malassezia furfur which is a yeast-like fungus that causes dandruff.

5.After shampooing wash your hair with diluted apple cider vinegar. After few minutes, again wash your hair with cold water. This will help you in making your hair shinier.

6.Apply a mixture of apple cider vinegar and warm water on your hair. This would work like a natural conditioner that can tame and soften all sorts of rough hair.

7.Lack of exfoliation can lead to several scalp problems. Accumulation of dead skin cells can reduce hair growth and increase hair fall. For proper exfoliation apply a mixture of shampoo and brown sugar. Use diluted apple cider vinegar to wash this mixture. After few minutes, cleanse the hair with water.

8.Spray your scalp with apple cider vinegar for treating acute hair fall and hair thinning. For extreme cases, follow this remedy on a daily basis. If there are any bald patches then directly apply some apple cider vinegar to prevent further hair loss.

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