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Aloe vera the miracle plant


Historically, aloe vera was used to heal cuts & wounds and for various skin conditions. It was considered good laxative. Nowadays apart from this, the aloe is used as a home or natural remedy for a variety of diseases, including diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, and osteoarthritis. It is also used topically for osteoarthritis, burns, sunburns, and psoriasis. Aloe vera gel is added to thousands of skin products, including lotions and sunblocks. America also FDA has approved aloe vera as a natural food flavoring agent.

Cleopatra and Nefertiti, the two queens of Egypt, are said to be using  Aloe vera to keep their skin soft. It was used to treat soldiers' wounds during the war by Christopher Columbus and Alexander the Great.


The Aloe vera contains about 200 active components including Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes etc.

Uses of Aloe Vera:

1)Aloe helps in digestion. It soothes and cleanses the digestive tract & help improve digestion. It has been a great remedy for people with problems such as IBS as well as acid reflux. Mix 2 tsp of fresh Aloe Vera juice with 1 glass of water and take regularly early morning on an empty stomach. This will detoxify and cleanse the body. It helps in treating ulcers and detoxifies the digestive tract and whole system.

2)Aloe is also a vermifuge, which means it helps to rid the body of intestinal worms.

3)It helps in detoxification.

4)It alkalizes the body and is used as an alkaline forming food. It helps in balancing the body due to overly acidic dietary habits.

5)It boosts the immune system. The polysaccharides in aloe vera Juices stimulates macrophages, which are white blood cells of your immune system that fight against viruses.

6)It is very beneficial for the skin as it improves the blood flow to the skin through capillary dilation.

7)It works as a disinfectant, antibiotic, antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral etc. This is because of its active ingredients such as sulfur, salicylic acid, phenol, urea, nitrogen etc.

8)Aloe vera contains B sisterol and it helps to slow down the inflammation in the body.

9)Daily or regular consumption of Aloe juice for two weeks improves the oral health and hygiene. In teeth, it reduces gingivitis and plaque formation. It gives a laxative relief for cold sores and ulcers in the mouth.

10)Aloe Vera is also very good for diabetes patients as it helps to regulate the blood sugar levels when consumed for a week or two regularly. However, consult your doctor before this.

11)Applying fresh aloe gel directly to the gums and it reduces the pain and the inflammation.

12) Make a natural eye wash with Aloe Vera gel by mixing 2 teaspoons of the aloe gel with one cup of water. You can add a tsp of boric acid also and shake it well. Use this eye wash solution to reduce the reddening and the irritation of the eyes.

13)If you are suffering from constant sinus problems use aloe vera as it is rich in magnesium lactate which works as an antihistamine and help in reducing the problem of sinusitis and chest inflammation due to allergies.


Aloe Vera Intake Precautions:

Aloe vera should not be taken during pregnancy, menstruation, hemorrhoids and in degenerated liver conditions. A little is beneficial does not mean that a lot will be more beneficial. It should be taken in small quantities may be 1 to 2 tsp of fresh gel daily.

Duration: It should be taken for one to two weeks at a stretch. Then it should be discontinued and can be repeated after a month.

Side effects and contradictions: Although Aloe vera is a well known safe plant. But there is one part of the plant that can be toxic when used internally. Aloin, a yellow latex found in the outer layer of the Aloe-vera makes it potentially dangerous, but cases of poisoning are very rare because the products sold to consumers are often devoid of this substance.

However, for those who wish to consume Aloe vera at home, it is not recommended to consume the pure juice, if it has not been treated. Indeed the gel from different parts of the plant must be properly extracted in order to avoid all risks of poisoning. To be on safe side, you should eat aloe vera gel only from the central portion of the stem leaving any green or brown parts of the plant, which might contain latex. 

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