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Diet in neuritis

Soyabean milk- It tones up the nervous system due to its rich concentration of lecithin and vitamin B etc. a cup of soyabean milk. Continue reading

Diet to reduce water retention in body

Pregnancy, menopause, PMS, hormonal fluctuations lead to water retention in the body and can lead to substantial discomfort. Lack. Continue reading

Diet plan for children

·Tofu: It is a great source of Protein, Vitamin B, Calcium and Iron. It has all the nutrients that your kid needs for proper growth. Continue reading

Diet plan in typhoid

Typhoid results in gastrointestinal conditions and so it is important to follow a diet that contains food which are easy to digest.. Continue reading

Diet plan for easier periods

Note – Follow these diet tips one week before your menstruation date. · Avoid sugary, processed and junk food before periods. These. Continue reading

Diet to increase calcium in females

​Calcium is not something that your body can manufacture itself , so it relies on your diet and meet its needs. Bones are continuously. Continue reading

Diet to increase Hb level in females

To increase the level of Hb in women should follow this diet :- Whole grain things like potato, bread etc contain a good amount of. Continue reading

Diet in diabetes

​In diabetic condition it is hard for your body to convert the food you eat into energy. Glucose which is the major source of energy. Continue reading

Benefits of flax seeds

Flax seeds are not only a source of healthy fat, antioxidants, and fiber; research has found evidence that flaxseed can also help. Continue reading

Benefits of Avocado

It keeps our heart healthy: Avocado contains folic acid and vitamin B6 . This regulates the homocysteine levels in body. Higher levels. Continue reading

Health benefits of Bael and how to make…

​Bael is also known as wood apple. Bael fruit has been known for its miraculous medicinal values since long. The flesh of this fruit. Continue reading

Health benefits of Holy Basil

​In Hindu religion it is worshiped every morning and evening .Basil grows under warm conditions .It is originally native to Iran. Continue reading