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Home remedies for joint pain

​Our knee is made up of the thighbone (femur), which has a bottom end made up of two rounded knobs (condyles), setting on the comparatively. Continue reading

Home remedies for low BP

·Crush 15 thoroughly washed basil leaves, place it on a sieve and extract its juice. Add 1tsp of honey to this juice. Mix well and. Continue reading

Home remedies for viral fever in monsoon

​A fever is a part of the body's defense against infection.It is a self limiting disorder and the symptoms will reduce on its. Continue reading

Home remedies for skin allergy and itching

11 Sep 2014

Essential oils – there are some essential oils such as basil oil , clove oil , neem oil ,peppermint oil , rosemary oil , thyme oil. Continue reading

Home treatment for hypothyroidism

You should avoid certain fruits and vegetables that can diminish the thyroid's production of thyroxin such as Broccoli, Cabbage,. Continue reading

How to lose weight by diet

Have your last meal early. ·Calorie dense food like sweets, pastries, fried food should be avoided. Reduce fat from your food. Continue reading

How to make oats porridge

Method:- Mix milk with oats and boil for approximately 3 minutes on medium flame .stir occasionally & now add sugar according to your. Continue reading

How to make Plum Shake

Plums have low glycemic index thus it is good for diabetic patient. -Plum can also reduces the scar tissue by increasing the blood. Continue reading

How to make soya milk at home

First of all soak the soyabeans in water for about 12 hours . secondly remove the skin of the beans after a thorough wash and grind. Continue reading

How to make sweet and sour Raw mango chutney…

​Indian meals are considered incomplete without Chutney, Raita and Pickles. Mango Chutney is widely used in India and Srilanka .. Continue reading

Khaman Dhokla

·After about 20 minutes check the Dhokla with tooth pick. If it comes out clean, it means it is ready. Otherwise continue heat for. Continue reading

spelt (spelt berries)

It is believed that farmers grew spelt as long as 5000 BC IN Iran. It is known by its more nutritional value . it is very popular. Continue reading