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How to Avoid Swine Flu

04 Feb 2015

This article deals with swine flu and how to avoid swine flu at home. Continue reading

Top 10 Ways To Stay Fit In Winter Season

Boost your immunity :- By taking more fruits and vegetables . Keep in mind that Brighter the vegetables and fruits , Better they are. Continue reading

Roasted Channa Pinni

14 Dec 2014

Making pinni with wheat flour is a tiring and time cosuming process . Here I am giving you my tested and tried recipe of instant pinni.. Continue reading

Diet to Increase Weight During 9th month…

Instead of consuming three large meals eat smaller and more frequent meals . Try to have something every 2 hours .It will help you. Continue reading

Veg Almond Soup

​Veg almond soup (Healthy Liver recipe) Veg almond soup is one of the very tasty , nutritious and mouth watering soup for your cuisine.. Continue reading

Top 16 Foods to Make your Liver Strong

your liver is in direct contact with pesticides , food additives , microorganisms etc . Although the immune system protects our body. Continue reading

How to Avoid Ebola by Diet

14 Oct 2014

The Ebola virus attacks immune cells and can cause the immune system to run out of control and release a storm of inflammatory molecules. Continue reading

Diet Tips For Healthy Karva Chauth

To avoid developing acidity and gas make sure your meal is low fat - Having tea in early morning on an empty stomach will increase. Continue reading

How To Prepare Soft And Spongy Plain Rava…

After mixing of curd in sooji , do not use the batter immediately because rava takes 10 to 20 minutes to become soft which is compulsory. Continue reading

Top 10 Autumn Foods

It is a season of dark yellow, deep green fruits & vegetables. These are rich in disease fighting pytochemicals. You should make them. Continue reading

Miracles of Probiotics

When antibiotics , stress ,lifestyle factors , stale foods adversely affect the population of good bacteria in our gut ,we are placed. Continue reading

Weight Loss Without Reducing Diet

Weight loss is a slow process . Fast weight loss is not good for your health because for fast weight loss your efforts could be unhealthy. Continue reading